04 Mar 2014

Contribute to my PowerCLI Script Repository and Help the Community

On the 20th of February 2014, I published some of my PowerCLI scripts to GitHub in an attempt to have some sort of version control system in place as well as to make the scripts available to the general public. However, my current role doesn't really require that much scripting, and it really is only the occasional script that I have to put together. Therefore, I've only learned a little of PowerShell, basically enough to get the job done. I come from a C/C++ programming background and feel much more comfortable when working on a file with a .c, .cpp or a .h file extension.



However, I am aware that there are some real PowerShell gurus out there with outstanding scripting skills and most probably some good scripts as well. Wouldn't it be great if we can pull all the scripts together in a repository that is open to the public? If you have a script that you wrote and that you would like to share with the virtualization community, please feel free to contribute the script to my ScriptKit repository on GitHub.

To contribute, browse to the repository at https://github.com/rynardtspies/ScriptKit and hit the "Fork" button. This will allow you to clone the entire repository to your own FREE GitHub account. You can then add scripts to the repository or make changes to the existing files in the repository. Once you are happy with your changes, create a pull request on GitHub. This will inform the repository maintainer (currently myself, but I could hand that responsibility to someone more qualified in the future) that there are changes that are waiting to be pulled in. If the changes meet the requirements, they will be included in the ScriptKit. Simple :)

If you would like to contribute, but you can't be bothered with Git and Forking repos, then you can always fire the content over to me and I'll upload the content, credited to you :)

I only have one rule. Please only contribute content that you have the rights to and please do not upload copyrighted content or content that was written by someone else without getting their permission first.



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