vSphere: VM Guest Operating Systems
28 Jan 2009
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Administrators that's got some experience in running Linux guest operating systems in virtual machines, may know that the time of the guest OS can drift by several hours per day. Normally, in my experience the time in the guest OS runs too fast. This can have serious implications on some services that these servers provide, such as Mail/Spam relays and web servers.

VMware has now released a very good KB article on best practises for Linux Guest OS time keeping, with a table of kernels and their parameters.

The KB article is a must read for those who have Linux guests. You can find VMware KB Article 1006427 here

11 Dec 2008
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To install the VMware tools on a Netware 6.5 Virtual Machine follow these easy steps: 

1. Power on the virtual machine.

2. Choose VM > Install VMware Tools.

3. Inside the guest OS,Load the CD-ROM driver if it's not already loaded: In the system console for a NetWare 6.5 virtual machine, type LOAD CDDVD

4. Run setup.ncf from the VMWTOOLS volume. Type: vmwtools:\setup.ncf

5. Restart the guest operating system. In the system console, type restart server

If the VMware Tools install ISO is still mounted, click: VM > End VMware Tools Install


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