The news is out that VMware has decided to rename what would have been VMware Virtual Infrastructure 4 or VI4 to VMware "vSphere". This is the latest of a series of product name changes that VMware has been making in the past couple of weeks. A while ago, VMware renamed VMware Virtual Desktop Manager to VMware View.

I can't really figure out why they went for the name vSphere. The only reason I can think of is that maybe they felt the need to rename the product to try and make it sound as if it includes the a sphere of products for the entire data centre? Anyway, we just better get used to it. VI4 is out and vSphere is in.

VMware has also announced that vSphere's maximum host RAM will be 1TB and 250GB for the Guest's RAM. A nice addition, however I think it will be a while before we get our servers to have 1TB RAM.


@virtualhobbit Pretty mental. I watched it last night.
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