ImageI am delighted to announce the release date for Veeam FastSCP 3.0. I have just received word from my sources at Veeam that the official public release date for Veeam FastSCP 3.0 is tomorrow, 05 March 2009. The software will be available to the general public as a free download.

Veeam FastSCP has always been a brilliant tool. Now, with support for ESXi servers, FastSCP 3.0 is a must have for ESX/ESXi Administrators.  Copying files between Windows and ESX/ESXi servers has never been faster or easier. FastSCP 3.0 will certainly make my job as a virtualization specialist a lot easier.

Thank you to Veeam Software for this new release, and for the release date information.

Get ready to download FastSCP 3.0 at