I've come across an insanely brilliant blog post on iSCSI. One of the best technical blogs I've seen in a long time. Actually one of the best technical blogs I've ever seen! I took some time out and sat down with a mug of coffee to read the post in detail. I found this blog post every interesting and in good time as I've actually started on the iSCSI shared storage section of my book on "Building a Low cost VI Environment" just yesterday.

Ok, I do have to say that a lot of the stuff in the blog post is "too heavy" for my new book as the aim for my book is to build a low cost lab VI environment, not an enterprise VI environment. However I do think that a lot of what they have in the blog post can be used to optimize even a low cost lab environment. I've been using Openfiiler for a while now and I will certainly be looking at improving my home VI environment's iSCSI implementation. In my new book, the shared storage section is based iSCSI provided by Openfiler 2.3. I will definitely look into improving the iSCSI section of the book by looking into some things like "jumbo frames" mentioned in the blog post!

Thanks to Chad Sakac (EMC), Andy Banta (VMware), Vaughn Stewart (NetApp), Eric Schott (Dell/EqualLogic), and Adam Carter (HP/Lefthand) and David Black (EMC) for this great post.


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