Today I was planning on testing the new 16 patches released by VMware for vSphere 4. I wanted to place these on my 2nd ESX host. I normally place my ESX hosts in maintenance mode before I remedaite updates. As I placed esx2 in maintenance mode, the VMs, as expected, started to migrate over to the other hosts in the cluster with VMotion. The VMotion migration of two of my VMs running Windows XP, failed with the following error message: 

A general system error occurred: Failed to write checkpoint data (offset 33558328, size 16384): Limit exceeded

It turns out that a VM must have less than 30MB Video RAM or VRAM assigned in order to be compatible with VMotion. As I normally run these two VMs at 1680 x 1050 resolution, I went all out an assigned the maximum amount of memory allowed, which is 128MB as VRAM, hence the reason for the VMotion failure.


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