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Ok, so I'm going to have a little rant now...


After passing the VCDX Enterprise Admin Exam in July, I have booked the design exam for 20 September in the hope that if I pass the design exam, I will only have to sit the VCDX 4 design exam in order to qualify for the VCDX defence session. However, I received a notification from Pearson that VMware has asked to retire the VCDX 3 exams on 30 August 2010.


I therefore had to either reschedule the design exam to an earlier date or cancel the exam. As there are now no appointments available prior to 30 August I had to cancel the exam. This is slightly annoying as it means that rather than just having to pass the vSphere 4 design exam, I will now have to go and sit the VCDX Admin exam for vSphere 4 as well. And for those who don’t yet know, you DON’T want to sit that Admin exam twice!


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