Here's an interesting article on the demand for virtualization in the data centre. I've copied a paragraph from the article here, as I would like to throw a comment out on it: 

"VMware remains the market leader but Microsoft's Hyper-V is closing the gap. In response to a question in which we asked customers to select ALL the virtualization products they plan to use/deploy in 2009, nearly 60% said they plan to deploy VMware's ESX Server (29%) or the free VMware Server (30%). However, 52% of the respondents indicated they will use Microsoft's Hyper-V or the older Microsoft Virtual Server; 37% of respondents indicated they will opt for Hyper-V compared with the remaining 15% who said they will use the older Virtual Server. This percentage is double the number of survey respondents who indicated they would use Microsoft hypervisor solutions when we polled users in a 2007 survey"


Well, I'm not too sure about those figures. I mean come on... 52% of the respondents will use Microsoft Hyper-V? Oh no, sorry it's 37%. We'll have to see how long they stick to that. Honestly, I've not used Hyper-V in a production environment myself, so I can't really comment, but from what I've heard................................. well let's just see what happens. BTW. Why do I never get forwarded one of those surveys??

Anyway, read the full article here:


Seriously though, what is the madness of a broadband connection?!
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