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16 Nov 2016

vSphere 6.5 - External PSC Upgrade Issue

So with vSphere 6.5 now GA, I decided to upgrade my lab to vSphere 6.5. In my environment, I use a vCenter with an external Platform Services Controller (PSC). So as part of the upgrade, I have to upgrade the PSC first.

When you run the UI installer provided within the VCSA 6.5 Appliance ISO, you have the option to “Upgrade” a vCenter Server Appliance or a Platform Services Controller. The installer detects the component that you are trying to upgrade and prompts for settings appropriate to that upgrade.

During my first run of trying to upgrade the external PSC, I entered the PSC Appliance FQDN, HTTPS port, SSO user name, SSO password and the appliance root password. I filled in the information for the ESXi host that is managing the appliance and hit next.

After an SSL warning (to be expected) prompt, I saw the following screen with the heading “Upgrade - Stage 1: Deploy vCenter Server”



The upgrade wizard has detected my appliance as a vCenter server and not a PSC. That’s not right. So I went back and specified the source PSC’s IP address, hit next and was presented with the following screen with the heading “Upgrade – Stage 1: Deploy Platform Services Controller


And now it seems to work:

I’m not sure if it’s something in my environment or a bug in the install wizard, but this certainly had me confused for a short while.

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