In today’s world where mission critical applications need to be available 24x7 with 99.99% availability, companies are throwing millions of dollars or pounds at implementing redundant and fault tolerant infrastructures. We all know that the money we spend today will save us much more in the future. Some companies make two to three million profit each and every day. In order to be competitive in the current climate, they need business applications such as messaging and collaboration to be available at all times. Imagine if a business with hundreds of employees one day suddenly lost the ability to send and receive email.

This may sound unheard of, but just this very week I’ve dealt with such a case where a company employing almost 10,000 people had no email, collaboration, database systems and even a corporate website for more than 24 hours, just because a critical component failed on their main SAN. Now let’s just say they make on average 2 million pounds profit each day. They had no business trading on the day of the failure, costing them a huge part of that 2 million pounds profit as the 10,000 people they employ had to be paid for that day an no one could do any meaningful work. If they had only spend half of that on a replication solution for their SAN, they could have avoided such a lengthy outage.


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