Container technology has been around for quite a while now. Most people would by now have heard about Docker, and a lot of people are using Docker. What about VMware Photon? What’s that? Well again, I’d say that it’s been around for a while, however while people have been raving on about Docker and the container revolution, VMware has been working on their own implementation of container technologies as well as products that utilise and integrate with existing container technologies, such as Docker. At VMworld Europe 2016, VMware announced vSphere 6.5 and one feature that has caught my attention in this release (apart from the long overdue vSphere HTML5 Client) is vSphere Integrated Containers, or simply, VIC. At the moment I’m trying to make sense of all these technologies, how (and if) they fit together and where you would want to use each one. 


@virtualhobbit Pretty mental. I watched it last night.
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