Kodiak Private Beta Logo

I’ve been playing a little with the beta version of Kodiak, “the world’s only platform-in dependent virtualization management application!”

For those who aren’t familiar with Kodiak, here’s an intro as from their website:

Kodiak, from BlueBear, enables unprecedented visibility into and control over virtualized infrastructures, regardless of size or composition. As the industry's only application that's both hypervisor-agnostic and cross-platform, Kodiak sets a new standard in versatility, pushing virtualization out of the datacenter and catalyzing its widespread adoption throughout the information technology landscape. BlueBear believes useful software should be available to anybody who needs it, and at no cost; hence Kodiak's price, totally free! 


Anyway, I’ve got a few invitations to the private beta program. If you would like me to send you an invite, please drop me an email via the contact page! I only have a few, so first come first serve!