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22 Oct 2009

Running vSphere? Don't bother with CapacityIQ!

I have just downloaded and deployed CapacityIQ and it all went fine until I actually decided to register my vCenter server with the appliance, only to find out that the newest product by VMware does not even support vCenter 4, or in fact vSphere! That will teach me to read the release notes before actually bothering to try something new. This is what the release notes have to say:

CapacityIQ supports VirtualCenter 2.5, Update 4 and Update 5, managing hosts running ESX Server 3.0.2 through 3.5. CapacityIQ 1.0 does not support VMware vSphere 4.0 or vCenter 4.0


Am I dreaming? What's going on here? VMware, why did you even bother? Heck, why did I even bother?

Proof that CapacityIQ does not support vSphere 4

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